Using a needle and thread or ink and vinyl, here at The Embroidery Barn we help you tell the story of who you are. Whether that’s a tradesman or a tennis club, a school or a singing group, if you’re looking to have your logo (or anything else!) added to clothing, merchandise, banners or badges, we can help. In fact, as a business, The Embroidery Barn has been helping companies and individuals across the UK since 1998. It’s a legacy we are really proud of.



When it comes to embroidery, we take your logo and, with our trusted machines, sew it onto any item of clothing or merchandise you need. You can choose garments from our excellent suppliers and, if for some reason you can’t quite find what you want - we are happy to help you source the right garment for you. Just head over to our catalogue to browse through the options. We have over 500 coloured threads to choose from, and they’re the best you can get - you won’t find the colour fading or your logo unravelling.


If an embroidered version of your logo isn’t quite what you’re after and vinyl is your thing, we can help you with that too. And not just onto clothes either. We can print your logo or information onto banners, stickers, onto posters or as signage. Over the 20 years that The Embroidery Barn has been in business a lot of lessons have been learned as to the best vinyl to ensure you’re given quality without compromise i.e. you won’t find your logo wearing out or peeling off after a handful of washes!


Our journey to eco-friendly

You’ll find The Embroidery Barn tucked just over the hill from Weymouth, on the Jurassic coastline in beautiful Dorset. We really love where we are and inspired by the natural beauty of the Barn’s location (and where Rosie has been lucky enough to grow up), we’ve developed a deep rooted passion for protecting our little corner of England and planet. As a result, we want to make The Barn’s environmental impact small too.

In our industry, that looks like being careful as to where we source our garments and tools of the trade (avoiding ‘fast fashion’), as well as being conscious of the process, production and packaging involved in delivering you what you need.

This journey to eco-friendly is just that; I’ve only recently taken over at The Embroidery Barn (November 2018) and I’m taking one step at a time to refine the processes and ensure we are being as eco-friendly as possible. So far, that’s included:

♲ Bringing onboard a supplier who manufactures with ethics and the planet in mind, you can read more about Stanley and Stella here

♲ Digitising internal processes at the barn so that the only paper used is for invoices (and it’s on recycled paper)

♲ Removing plastic from the packaging; If you receive your garment by post, it’ll be delivered in a recyclable paper sack with an invoice wallet that is biodegradable too

I’d love to hear from you if you can help The Embroidery Barn lower it’s impact in any way and am of course grateful to all my lovely customers who support me as I look to become increasingly eco-friendly.



I’m Rosie and I’m behind The Embroidery Barn. Thank you so much for your interest in what I do here, it’s great to ‘e-meet’ you. After spending many seasons in the sun teaching sailing and windsurfing and the mountains in the snow I took over The Embroidery Barn in 2018. I spent a few months of training from Richard and Angie (the lovely previous owners), and am happy to say that the machines are on full power, whirring away, and I’m in the embroidery swing of things.

I’ve even been able to take on my first member of staff! Brody has joined me at The Barn after studying fashion design at Uni - bringing with her great knowledge of the industry. I’m so glad to have her onboard.

More than that, I’m really proud to be from Dorset and this little corner of the UK that The Barn sits on and want to ensure that my business ethics reflect my love for not only the local area but the planet too. I’m excited to take The Embroidery Barn on a journey to being eco-friendly and am grateful to my brilliant customers who are happy to join me on that journey. I really believe that businesses can deliver quality without compromising the planet and am looking forward to living that out through the garments and products I produce for you here at The Barn. You can keep in the loop on the journey to eco-friendly over on the blog and our Instagram. If you are ever in the area, do pop up and see me. I’d love to show you what we and the machines can do.

Otherwise, drop me a line over here - I’ll be happy to answer any embroidery and printing questions you have.

Best wishes,