Welcome to The Embroidery Barn! I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’ve found your way to this site, I’m sure you’re aware of what we get up to here at The Barn but, on the off chance you stumbled across us, let me introduce myself and what we do here.

I’m Rosie, and I took over The Embroidery barn in November of 2018 after a fantastic 20 year legacy as Azure Logo under the lovely Angie and Richard.

The Embroidery Barn sits nestled over the hill from Weymouth, just on the outskirts of Dorchester in Dorset. From this beautiful spot myself and the team work hard (alongside our trusty machines) to make your embroidery or printing dreams come to life.

To paint the picture of what that means, we work with lots of businesses, from big corporates to local trades people, schools, clubs, retail outlets and more, to put their brand on whatever they need. Whether that’s caps, jumpers, polo shirts, vests, boiler suits, or anything else you can think of - you name it and we can 3eembroider or print on it!

Having your name so visible is an incredible way to advocate for your brand or company while you’re out and about, or on the job and at work. It helps people to recognise who you are instantly and to hopefully call upon you on the future. The amount of people I’ve had approach me to find out what The Embroidery Barn is when I’m rocking my recycled gilet or jumper out and about!

You can find some examples of what do on our home page (scroll down) or here on our instagram feed (check out the customer showreel), but do get in touch if you want to chat any ideas you have through.

So that’s a bit about what we can do, as for how we do it, that’s another story!

I’ve grown up in beautiful Dorset and, as such, have a real love of the outdoors and our natural environment. Pairing that love of the outdoors with what I’ve learned over the years about climate change and our destructive use of plastic (thanks David Attenborough), I knew that when I took over this business I wanted to ensure that I made our process as eco-friendly as possible. Making The Embroidery Barn eco-friendly is a journey and will take time as I learn what swaps I can make and what alternatives are out there but, it’s one that I’m excited to both be on and take my customers on.

I really believe that where we put our money makes a difference and I’m really proud of the high quality of garments produced here at The Barn. To pay a little extra so that the planet doesn’t take the cost of cheap production is something I’d much rather be a part of and hope you will too.

I’ll leave it there for now but I’m so looking forward to sharing more stories of our process, projects and journey to eco-friendly with you.

If you have any questions or would like to find out how we can make what you do come to life, do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.