meet the Team

The team here at The Embroidery Barn has grown from Rosie taking over the business on her own back in November 2018, to now a four-person dream team in August 2019. We are a group of young, vibrant people with different skillsets, making sure all required skills are covered by someone in the team and that everyone is incredibly good at what they do. It has been amazing to see how we work together as a team and how we all share the vision to be eco-friendly in an industry that isn’t yet hitting the green mark. 

Now, let’s meet the team!

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The passionate Director of The Embroidery Barn and our creative team leader. But more importantly – our friend. Cheesy, but true. Rosie will do whatever it takes to get rid of that ocean polluting single-use plastic and to steer her business in the direction of sustainability. A true inspiration in everyday life – just being around her will make you question yourself for bringing in bottled water day after day, even if it’s the same bottle for the howmanyeth day in a row. Not many people have the courage to take over a business they have no experience in – have you seen her sew a straight line? Us neither.

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Our incredibly talented Embroidery Technician with an actual fashion degree! So, as you’d think, a total wizard with the machines, bringing with her great knowledge of the industry. Brody started as an intern in February and obviously did something right to become the first paid staff under Rosie’s Embroidery Barn. She’s the person behind our Sew Organic patterns and your guide through the workshops. If there is anything you need to know about fabric, threads or logos, Brody is you girl!

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Our Marketing & Social Media Coordinator aka. the person behind everything from newsletters to posters and our social media content since June. Our newest addition to the team yet a valuable asset from the beginning, upgrading from part-time to full-time as soon as her schedule gives out. Arlene’s got great attention to detail and will keep everything incredibly organised – she might even organise your life in the meantime and set you up with a Trello account (and no, she’s not a brand ambassador – just completely mesmerised by organising).

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The person helping with everything and everyone around The Barn from checking in stock to weeding and folding. A total joy to have around and a great addition to the team since May! Will stamp a stack of envelopes faster than our brand new embroidery machine can stitch a badge.